The Photo Gallery


Cooper and I doing some magic at the Abbot's Get Together.

My departed friend and teacher, Eugene Burger.

One of the nation's top street magicians, Bobby Maverick

Tommy Anderson, Houdini, and I.

Jeff Mcbride, Eugene Burger, and I at Mystery School.

The first time Jeff and I met.

Tim Carlson, Tommy Anderson, and I in Colon, MI.

I live for my fans.

Grand Illusionist Franz Harary

Hanging with Kaylin and Jinger.

One of my favorite events, How to Halloween.

My son, doing his first card trick.

My buddy, Nate Kranzo.

Jedi card master Antony Gerard.


Rockin' it with Mike Trixx.

My student Justin McCauley.

Fab Magic Co.'s hot shot new demonstrator, Brayden Hopkins.

Fellow Mystery School student and performer on Masters of Illusion, Billy Cook.

My extended family of magicians at Mystery School


The first time I got to study with Jeff Mcbride.


My buddy Cameron Zvarra.


There never was a truer friend than Tim Carlson.


I always try to inspire the younger generation. And this guy Tanyan is amazing for his age. He made my day.


My New friend Rob Miller from the Syfy Channel show Face Off.


I finally got to meet Henry Evans.


Photo bomb with Ron Jaxon and Bob Zarrins.


Even at home I do magic. Practice makes perfect.


My performance family from Artist's Umbrella.



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