There is no substitute for learning from another magician. Like many crafts in history, magical knowledge/secrets were passed from teacher to student since before the invention of witing. I have beeen fortunate enough to have met and learned from some of the world's best magicians. Here are my two biggest influences, Jeff McBride, and the late Eugene Burger. I have been a Mystery School student for years and have performed all over the country, including Las Vegas.

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Books are a great resource as well. In fact, I prefer them over video instruction any day. Books other than on the subject of magic are commonly inspiration for a new routine to work on, so read all you can. I often hear that people have a hard time learning from books. I agree it is a little more challenging, but it is better in the long run. You are forced to create your interpretation of the illusion.

With video learning, I see people imitating the person from the video almost down to their accent. If you really want to create magic, you have to create/reinvent, not copy. It is still a good platform for learning techniques though. Please stay away from youtube tutorials. 90% of the time they are stealing the secrets of other artists and don't even perform very well. It is still a useful tool to see hard to find magic performances by your favorite magicians to gain insight or inspiration. I have written two books on my approach to magic, feel free to purchase an electronic copy. Hard copies will be coming soon.

I am often asked if I take on students. Good news! I do. Please contact via email. Just click the email link below. There is one requirement, You have to show me an illusion. And those who are just interested in cheating at games, sorry. I don't condone that except in an entertainment context.

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