Feel free to email me any questions and I may answer them here if they do not compromise any secrets of the art. I may also put up some inspirational quotes here to help motivate you, from time to time.


"Remember that as magicians, we are allowed to play. It pays to keep your inner child alive."

"Magicians have the

power to give the gift of innocence."

"To be a true magician, one must be magical 24/7."

"Magic isn't about the trick, it's about the experience." (Paraphrased from Eugene Burger.)

"Magic shows us that the world isn't what is handed to us. We have the power to transform the world a bit at a time. We are all magicians in our own way."

"K.I.S.S. Rocks!"

By the above quote I mean keep it simple, stupid! I have to remind myself of this all the time. The more complicated the magic, the more that can go wrong. People might lose track of what the experience is about. Or you have too many 'moves' involved and it detracts from the experience.

"A magician can best be judged by how he handles mistakes in a show rather than the execution of the effects."

"I told them the truth, and the suckers fell for it." - Harry "The Hat" Anderson


Look down at the cards.
Now look into the mirror.

A Haiku by yours truly.

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